Rat Race

rat-raceWe are all running the rat race … Some of us don’t even know what we actually want at the end, some of us definitely know what we want and strive and toil to achieve it, some of us wait for a miracle, some of us wait for destiny, some of us worry about it, some of us are not bothered as to anything or nothing at all…

Yet we all run the race… From the time we wake up in the morning -we eat in a hurry… We rush to work,college,school… We are always as ever running the race to reach the finish line …
We pant for breath, fall, tumble yet continue to run…

In this race called life there are smaller things… Find meaning at the little joys of life … Give time for your family, friends and acquaintances. Do good… Feel good.

A day is a day with 1440 minutes… Make sure you smile, be compassionate, learn atleast one thing a day…Get enough sleep. Sit at a place for 5 minutes without any disturbance and listen to yourself or talk to yourself.

Nurture the essence and beauty of life, make it worth living 🙂

Life is Beautiful!


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