TVS Service Station!?!

I’m Sheril, a resident towards yelahanka, Bangalore. My vehicle was due it’s service time and as a regular procedure I decided to land to my regular TVS service center at yelahanka police station.

I called up and fixed an appointment. The voice at the other end said, ” sharp by 9am mam, if your late and we have other customers we shall not take your vehicle for the day.” This statement scared me more than the college bell..And there I was at sharp 9am at the service station only to find that there was absolutely no one.. Nothing opened.

I then waited patiently… Finally at half past nine, he arrived… Gave an estimate and told 5pm as when I could redeem my vehicle.

As mentioned at sharp 5pm I reached there… Paid the bill amount. No receipt as the internet was down…

Went to finally have a trial ride only to know that my helmet which I’d entrusted to them was taken by a mechanic for some purchase purpose. I informed the same to my dad. He started yelling stating I shouldn’t have paid them, asking for refund and what not!

And then the wait for the mechanic to return began… Meanwhile, I was looking at my vehicle and realized that the washing was not done atall, while I was charged for it!

So after my questioning and taunts they decided to re-wash it! As according to them…

Finally, at 7pm nearly after two hours the mechanic with my helmet arrived and I could finally leave… Having wasted my time, paying for undone work, having to go through all the drama..

Is this called a Service??

It’s time to rethink…



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