Behaviorism! – TRAFFIC

Bangalore the garden city ❤ Traffic

When stuck in traffic, you being the TWO WHEELER rider here are a few observations:

* Search crazily for the smallest gap you could squeeze through.

* Honking and scaring people to give way.

* Staring at the mad guy honking at you- when there isn’t any way out of it.

* When in a traffic that is totally chocked – standing up to see what caused it. Like the next minute you would Go solve the issue.

* Bumper to Bumper love among vehicles is not an issue any more in Bangalore, its just understood – max exchange of glances.

* The focus, the analytics, the precision, the algorithm,the adjustment and all the concentration to adjust your speed, timing, space, just sufficient enough to go in between of two cars – the smallest space, is mind blowing calculations in real time.

* When its a long signal and the vehicle in front of you just doesn’t turn his vehicle off . Even that is fine but some emit that impossible levels of smoke – those are just not happening!!

* Its the space where everyone competes to get ahead without any kind of difference of status( Mercedes or a luna), education, religion – nothing at all exists!

* Shaking your leg, checking out the vehicles, checking out the vehicle owners, checking out the co-passengers of other vehicles,Checking your phone, sending a few messages – Time for it all.

* Singing loudly – (without earphones is what I prefer and practise.) and scare people around, they look at you – Smile at them!

* Have a mini conversation as to what might have caused the block.

* If the traffic is on speed 0 km for quite some time – Park your vehicle -Get out there find the lassi, juice, water, fruit bowl anything- Go hog!

* The most entertaining thing is to find interactive kids on the back seats of cars, those waving of hands, flying kisses, surprised stare!! That’s great entertainment.

* Riding on the footpaths due to time constraints is a huge time saver – Well that is bad, let the pedestrians live in peace.

* When an ambulance comes by people are quite nice and make way for the ambulance – but have you seen the scene behind that ambulance- Well everyone nearly dies to follow that ambulance as it is fast proceeding – But since everyone is behind the ambulance the traffic volume around it reduces (lol).

* I’m not sure how many of you read till here – Share any points I’ve missed and very relevant to a two wheeler- Apart from the road conditions 🙂

” The only way out of the traffic is through it !!”


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