Breaking Free


Don’t be burdened anymore..
Don’t keep thinking about – what if’s…
Get there try it!
Never try to complete others dreams…
You have one life.. complete your dreams first.
Might sound selfish, but that awakens the fire of your dreams..
Don’t try to satisfy the worldly norms, they are there only to praise the successful men…
Don’t fall prey to customs, that you don’t have belief on..
Don’t be sorry for how somethings turn out to be in life, never was it told life would be balanced.
Ride fast, live with passion, wake up each morning to all the possibilities!
Never blame anyone for the decisions you had to make, the choices you had to take..
Remember – You don’t have to be perfect to live on this Earth.

Break free from all bondages!
Take one step, and never step back!

Life is beautiful!


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