Engineering Days

Just two more days … You can make it girl …
This is how I console myself. . .rather boost my energy up. .
And this is how I did it the last 4 years ..
But the last 2 days seems … so long ..
But I’m going to miss it . .
Miss it all ..

4 years of exams, internals, externals, mechanical lab, chemistry lab, all the lab exam horrors and prayers, canteen, hunger, classes and the loads of bunking, the campus . .
Whether I miss all this or not – –

The ride to college on NH 7 – – Wow!!! :-*
This is a really really cooool thing I’m definitely going to miss it. . .
Zero traffic – – Zero honking
You start and you finish !! Yes its just that wonderful – College to Home 😀

Yes yes … I haven’t forgotten …
Its you guys who are reading this and been with me in the last 4 years – – friends, classmates, lab mates, bench mates, food mates, birthday mates, mad mates 😉
And all possible types. . . if I have left out any – – Thank you people you definitely made the 4 years – – 4 lovely memorable days.

Its going be with me deep and strong . . .
Thank you


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