Waiting Impatiently!


We all would have experienced waiting. Waiting for a friend, waiting for a parcel from any of the e-commerce website, waiting for a deal to go through, waiting for a positive reply from your lover.

Yes, waiting is difficult. It makes us impatient, stresses us, annoys us. It’s hard.

Let me take you through:
I was waiting from 6pm for my piano sir. He is mostly on time. But today it was 7:15pm and still he hadn’t arrived. I was so damn irritated for having wasted my time – waiting.
Finally, at 7:40pm he arrived with a box of sweets. He told me that he was a proud father of a baby girl. This child was born to him after 15 years.. A precious baby.
That very second I realised, waiting for an hour seemed so difficult. What would he and his wife been through all these years.

Waiting is hard, yet when the end result is good we forget all that anxiety.

” Only good things happen to good people.”

Life is beautiful!


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