Ladies Handbags!

woman-handbag-overflowed-accessories-falls-out-white-background-35842357A Ladies Handbag is a whole new world in itself. Actually a completely unknown world, so much so even the lady owning the bag can’t really sum up it’s contents. It could have everything ranging from the bus tickets, flight tickets, books, novels, make-up kit, lip gloss, comb, chocolates to eat when hungry, earrings,  nail color, hair straightener, hair dryer, pen, electricity bills paid, McD bills, fee receipts, water bills paid receipt for over the whole year, water bottles, hair pins, perfume, party clothes on weekends and the list is endless….

What is a more frightening nightmare, is the fear to clean that handbag:

Some of the women out there are very organised and clean up atleast once in a month, while there are others who take that as a New Year resolution. Well to such resolution people it’s just time to run down the memory lane – The movie tickets reminding of the wonderful times spent with family or friends, finding that lost most favorite pair of earrings, to finding some lost money deep in the corners of the bag to toffee wrappers, etc.

In short, it has it all!! A ladies handbag could be dangerously huge and potentially loaded! Well carrying it around is hard at times, but provides great comfort to just have it – whether necessary stuff or not!

Shifting focus – Riding a vehicle, especially a two-wheeler one must be really comfortably seated.. Yes! women are extremely good at multitasking and juggling but does it have to be at the cost of their life…

I have seen so many women riding their two wheeler’s with the dangerously loaded handbag on their shoulder… Those could be hung in the front leg space or kept off safely in the trunk. I’m not sure if they have realised this syndrome..Warn those beautiful women out there. I know  women just love their handbags  – But ask them to give it a break when they are riding. So next time if any of you’ll are riding – stay safe…

And yes – Clean those Bags!



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