happy-friendship-dayThe maximum effect happens to any person only when the interactions are most recent.

People live in the present. 

What do we all pledge while leaving school, to keep in touch, to plan to meet up! 

Yes most of us do keep up our words, but with time we get busy Living our lives, striving towards our goals, then life happens.

We move over to a very few friend’s we are in touch. Well, it’s kind of better with all the Facebook, Twitter and social media we by default are bound to know what people are upto… But with time that really doesn’t matter. Then we tend to miss our good old days. 

Yet there are some friendships that cross all barriers where time or distance changes nothing much. They make calls, talk for hours, share there sorrows, invite for their joyous occasions. These friends are precious possessions. 

I don’t really believe on the concept of Friendship Day. 

But all our friends, no matter how deep the relationship was… Were the people who kicked the blues of an early morning boring lecture, brought you out of a bad life phase, group studies and the list is endless.

Like Airtel ad jingles says-” Har ek friend zaruri hota hai…”

Remember those smiling faces of your friends, of all those beautiful conversations!

Friends!! ♥


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