Mother’s Patience

003Being the only kid at home is like heaven… Where mom has all the time to concentrate on just you, your needs and that’s purely mom’s love. Now if she is a working mom then still she would possibly manage a good amount of time, kept aside for the apple of her eye. ūüėÄ

With this introduction let’s get straight into my story – –

Yes, I’m the only kid at home, the complete beneficiary of all the love and care from my mother ‚ô• Yes I’m also that lazy, stubborn kid who is really hard to manage. Well when I was a kid mom says I was Diamond(Haha) meaning very very obedient, but as I grew older I turned into charcoal… (haha) meaning rude, angry, stubborn and lazy!

She always recalls and tells me – when I was kid she always was worried if I would ever talk, cause I had very small lips and cause initially I was tooth-less(generally babies are-haha), my lips weren’t even visible. But then once I started talking – she realised it was just the calmness of the sea, before the tsunami…hahax

I’m basically a malayalee born and brought up in Bangalore and so are my parents – I love Bangalore¬†‚ô• And yeah all the days of the week I’m a total typical bangalorean, but on Saturdays(generally on holidays or off at office) I become a typical Keralite. Saturday’s are just lazy… My mom is just crazy scared of saturdays!!! Cause I would be at home ready to blast at her… Well she would have the bills to be paid and all technical question’s to which honestly even I don’t have an answer – to be resolved by me..

A typical Saturday morning would start by her inviting me to be a honorable spectator at the proceeding made by her for breakfast – well that would fall on deaf ears. Then I would play the piano in full volume and freak her, newspaper reading time. Followed by breakfast. Then we make peace and she takes me around the beautiful garden she maintains at home (a large space we have) and introduces me to the new arrivals – of crotons, flowers, butterflies and worms too… Later I would be that typical kerala girl wanting amma(mom) to apply, infact, soak my hair with oil. Now this oil is made by her, a mix of hibiscus, curry leaves and some secret portion( Whatever done I have dry, rough annoying short hair…lol). Now I would force her to apply this medicated oil into my hair and like flooding… After all her persuasion of doing the task independently fails… With much regret of me wasting her time she would apply with love the oil into my hair.‚ô• Then after the bath a beautiful lunch would follow…. With a lazy afternoon and paying a few bills after loads of coaxing being done, so that I get out of ¬†home. Finally after an hour or half I would return with the expression of having helped her greatly with a warriors pride…lol. By when Dad comes it’s time for discipline and¬†¬†prayer time, followed by fight for the TV remote with me and Dad, where mom is the referee…

I love her to the moon and back – I trouble her so very much. Her patience is crazy high and her love for me really deep. Well, I sometimes feel I should apply oil on my hair on my own, but then, I’m lazy and she’s lovable‚ô•

Mother’s love¬†‚ô• Mother’s Patience


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