blueWhat is happiness?

This is one of the most difficult question of my life. I’m a happy soul most of the time but is that happiness? I was happy when I stood 3rd in class in grade 7, I was happy about my skit in school, my classes 10 and 12 marks, the placements, winning trophies at 2 fests, the first time I took a step-cut hair styling, tasty chicken fry, getting clothes delivered after online purchases all this makes me happy… For that matter everyone…

The other day my mom found me laughing in my sleep – (really loud, sometime I weep too…). I’m happy when my parents say, they are proud of me… Getting the scholarship money, my internship being a paid one, all this gave me happiness…

Does that mean I’m stuck in this materialistic happiness?  Am I stuck in the race of life? Have I ever experienced real happiness? If not, will life ever give me a taste of it?

The happiness I’ve stated above is related to the things happening around me – The impact those have on me. Is that the end of happiness? Can’t one be happy without the influence of the environment… I’m not sure.. May be or may be not…

But I definitely believe, that there is a way to experience eternal bliss without being tied up to this world..

Make yourself the center of your focus, realize that happiness is internal and not external. Environment can effect you only when you give it the power to take charge. Be humble, talk and sort out issues, give things time, believe in karma, don’t hurt anyone, forgive, help others, work without credits, encourage your family and friends, give time to your family, friends, your grandparents.. Don’t hold tight onto anything whether money or anger, neither of them are worth your energy. Live life like there is no tomorrow, love the work you do, love the people around, make peace with your bad memories, take one day at a time, help one person in a day.

You would experience Happiness!! It’s so Happy, to be Happy. It’s a tough choice! Go for it!

Life is Beautiful ♥



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