First Camping Experience!

tentI’m Sheril V J and this was my amazing baby step into the world of camping. Being from a family where my parents are always worried – It was not until I was 22, that I insisted, ” I want to go for the camp!!!”, and finally got the green card. I was in the second year of my MBA when I got a chance to escort the juniors for their orientation – camping experience.

This is how the day started off…

I had my internship viva and presentation to be done on that day morning. So I reached college with 2 bags, juggling 25kms on my two-wheeler, formally dressed and late by 15 minutes into the exam hall. Post the initial 1hr of written exam, we had to start with the presentation and viva. Everything went well in the exam. Soon I was into the swing to get into my tracks and head straight into the bus…

We had a head count of 49 girls, 3 faculties accompanied us and we were 5 seniors coordinating with the first year new bee’s. Since it was just 2 days the girls knew each other I saw everybody happily seated and keeping to themselves. I study in PES University, where P stands for perseverance,  E for Excellence and S for Service. I randomly divided the first 5 seaters of the bus as team – Excellence and the rest as Perseverance. Then started off the Antakshari (singing songs). At the end of it team Perseverance won and then I asked them the reason behind naming them so? And let them know 🙂

We reached the destination Wild Expeditions, Ramdevara betta, Ramnagara by 11:30 am. After the initial welcome drink we had a briefing and started with the events by dividing the group into 4 teams. Each team started a different activity to manage time and cover all activities planned. The team which I was in started with:

Pipe and Marble game: It was a team building activity which focused on leadership skills, coordination and strategy creation skills of the participants.Then we had our lunch. Post lunch we went Kayaking – rowing a boat with the paddle and it was a one seater!! That was when I understood the right brain, left brain concept – Lol! If you row on the right, you steer towards the left and if you row towards the left you move towards the right! That was fun. This taught us to learn new things with spontaneity and enthusiasm.Post our return to the camp base we had the Rope and Net – Web climbing activity. I have a phobia for heights I went up but couldn’t let go and turn over and requested my safety incharge to loosen the safety rope… He refused people around cheered and now my hand couldn’t be hurt and paining so I requested him to bring me down and yep! I was the only one who didn’t cross over in my batch 😐 Nonetheless it was fun. We were left with 2 more activities Rappelling and Zip-Lining when the rain God stepped in! It rained crazily…

And stopped after 30mins, we then had a team building game – Bamboo Stick. The winners 1st, 2nd and 3rd got half a kg bottle of natural forest honey. Then we had our dinner and rains poured for some more time. Meanwhile a couple of them who wanted to change their clothes over, went ahead and did so… Dinner was yumm♄ Unfortunately, we couldn’t have the camp fire as it had rained and so we pitched in  our tents, few of them sat down outside and listened to a ghost story told by one of my friend and were heard screaming around 1am, while others sat in the tents and spoke, a couple of them like me just hit the pillows. We had 17 tents and 3 people in a tent. 

Day 2

I woke up at around 4am and changed over and freshened-up and waited for it to be 5am. Then at 5am I went into each tent opened the zippers and personally woke up all the campers. All got ready by 6:15am and assembled at the base camp. We started with an initial warm-up excercise. Then we started Bird Watching and Trekking by 7am. We saw the long billed vulture which are just 7 in number in bangalore and more endangered than the tiger..

We finished the trek and reached the base camp by 9:30am. We had our breakfast and moved into completing yesterdays incomplete tasks like Zip-Lining for my team and other games for the others. By the time we finished the Zip lining our lunch was ready and we began packing to leave.

We had a formal end session with our guide at AdventureScene asking us to share our experiences and learning. 

Overall, by the end of the camp most the students became familiar with each other and has a feeling of more belongingness and unity.

My first camping experience was wonderful with an amazing lot of fresh talented future managers!

I had fun!!!

Life is Beautiful!


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