The Child Within Us…

enthusiasimBeing a zodiac pisces, it’s no surprise if I say I keep day dreaming. Yes, our imagination runs far, wide and deep. Sometimes, even I can’t gather why I was thinking so much. Yes, little unsaid details are read by my internal intuition, also I trust my gut instincts.This afternoon being a saturday, a holiday, gave me enough and more time to ponder over life.

We are all living a boring, monotonous, routine and structured life. We just have a set pattern. Do you know why this happens?? We forgot the child within us. We are fed by the perfect concept of how life should be, what is correct, proved, tested and succeeded. We are scared to, or don’t even try thinking of a new way. Life is really small, to be adhering to all the possible set constraints of a “perfect life” by man.

Do you know when is it that one can make the best use of the 24 hours one has?

I believe it’s when we think – What if this was our last day on this earth? That can really change the way you think, work and live. Then you want the best result, you try to think of the reason to every ounce of your energy spent. You tend to plan better, forgive easily and help others without a second thought.

Two things I believe can make a difference in the way we choose to see each day:

* By keeping the child like enthusiasm and spirit of questioning alive.

 * By thinking if this was your last day on this earth.

These two statements if practiced could make our monotonous life, open to new beginnings.  It would kill your ego and make you humble, empathetic and happier. Keep that child within you alive and also understand, death is the ultimate truth of life. Live life to the fullest.

Life is Beautiful!


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