Granny’s Love…

grannys-loveWe are all so caught up in our daily routine, we forget the people once we were very found of, our grandparents.

As kid’s, summer vacations always reminded us of the immense pampering, delicious food and love of our native places or grandparents home.

I never had much interactions with my Dad’s parents, so my life’s major key grandparent was my mother’s, mom… My darling granny.

I spent the initial 4 years of my life at granny’s place. I’m actually thankful that I could else my mother tongue would have had a beating. My mother tongue being Malayalam isn’t that easy going a language to learn later in life. So unlike my cousin’s my Malayalam is good and I being the first grand child, had a ball of a time. My uncle’s, aunt’s and mom were always there to teach me, feed me, carry me around and also to discipline me. My Granny was the source of my tried and tested mechanism to win the battle with my Dad.

Everyday morning before my Dad was off to job, I wanted a ride on his Bajaj Chetak(actually grandpa’s vehicle) which used to be refused, and then I would bring my granny, pulling her by the fleets of her saree to make my Dad adhere to my whims! With my granny’s support I succeeded every morning. Unlike my parents, ammamma(granny) was good at buying me the eclairs lollipop. I used to go to church with her on Sundays happily for the love of lollipop.

Then there was this huge incident in life. I was 3 years old, we had a button rose plant at the small passage garden, in the front of the house. That plant was always loaded with 80 to 100 roses each day! – Just one plant. So one day, in the morning I was alone playing, asked my Granny for a button rose cause I couldn’t reach it. She just denied. In the sadness of the denial I stood like a depressed kid at the gate, not listening to my Granny’s calls to come inside the house. So she left me at the gate and moved over to continue with her kitchen routines. Then a guy about 12-13 years old came over to the gate, he had the button rose I dearly wanted (plucked from leaning across- to our plant). He asked me if I wanted it? I surely did, I reached out to get the flower from the railings of the gate and he snatched the gold chain I was wearing. With the flower in hand and crying I went to my mom who was stitching some clothes on top. Listening to my continuous crying and action, she understood that I wanted to change my dress(lol), whatever she understood – as she unchanged me, she saw the bruises of the chain being snatched from neck. Well except me, all were blamed!

Those four years have had a lot of love..


Then we moved to our house at Yelahanka and meeting granny became once in a couple of months. I loved granny’s place, for it held my childhood memories. We did speak over the phone for hours all the way till now… She was my Super Granny.

With time, we just grow up… Our grandparent’s values might differ from our’s – blame it on the generation gap. But do remember, they have more real life experiences than us, more grey hairs showcasing that they have graciously aged. We might be busy with school, tutions, college, facebook, whatsapp, messsenger… and host of activities in our busy life.

They are old now, they are becoming like the stubborn kids we once were..They pampered us then… But what do we do now? Leave them to loneliness, send them away to old age homes, appoint home nurses, forget to call them or rather be so busy that you can’t make time for them. Yes! life happens… But they loved you from your childhood to the stage now and until the end.. Be there for them, it’s an obligation from God – To be the support system for your angel guardians.

I read this recently on facebook:

Grandparents and grandchildren are good friends, cause they have common enemies – parents – HahaX…

Sometimes it’s not even just taking care, call them once in a week over the phone, go meet them as often as possible, listen to them – they actually listened to our absolutely unframed sentences with, absolutely no meaning! as we learnt to speak.

Love them, hug them, be there for them…

Life is Beautiful!


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