If not now, then when???

if-not-now1We all have amazing ideas but how many of us relentlessly work towards it. We do work towards our goals, with great vigor but somewhere we lose track. We become tired, we feel nobody appreciates our work, then there are friends who have fun on everything you do. But those comments are not of a serious tone but they surely make you doubt your ideas. Soon enough it becomes powerful enough to demotivate you and affects your desire to succeed.

The grass on the other side always seems green!

Yes! you see your friends enjoying: New clothes, new places, New dishes.. all thanks to facebook, instagram, twitter. Now coming to the professional side – there is so much with Linkedin, with nothing happening, except for, knowing how well educated your friends, peers, faculty, colleagues, neighbors and anybody you feel are influential are placed.

Then you get so stuck in the rat race of today, the way one ‘has to be‘ in society. The natural talents and interests of each individual gets buried either early in life by the academics or all rounder or best student hunt by parents or eventually gets killed by our own hands, due to the demands of life – Of a 9-5pm job, to the responsibilities and endless demands of life.

Some dreams we see are killed by others, while some are murdered by us. Then we reach a point when we don’t want to dream any further.

We forget to dream! We forget to question! We forget to live our life!

We start working for somebody’s dreams. We try to find answers to life’s questions. We start to live an assumptive ‘Ideal Life’. We begin to feel life is becoming so monotonous. We just walk through the entire day – Almost lifeless!

Today’s generation each of us spend one-third of our lives studying, but that has become just a societal objective. Life just happens, we expect nothing. We give nothing apart from the societal expectations – we have nothing of our own expectations.(The society expects us to study – we study, at the end of it, they expect us to get a job – we try and reach a success point for that)

Definitely everything has a time in life… So do your dreams… They can’t wait until the societal expectations ends… (which is never-ending)

So think over it :

It’s just one life we have, live it the way you love it!

Keep it simple! Be angry.. Be patient.. Things will work out.. People will make fun.. You will fall too.. But learn to stand up.. Take one step a day, begin walking, soon you’ll reach a point when people find you flying.

If it’s that sketching board, that public speaking, the guitar, the drums, the football, the badminton racket whatever you put down – pick it up. It’s never too late, it’s never too early. It is just where they lie in your priority list.

If not now, then when???

Life is Beautiful!


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