Angel πŸ˜‡

angelThere is so much happening around us, there are so many celebrations. Yet, we are amidst it, broken from within. Externally, all are smiling and loving and everything sweet, but internally there is no well wisher.

Everyone is alone in this world. But, at every stage God gives us one person who would always be your support system. Who would be ready to give you a shoulder to cry on, that person would be ready to listen to you, to hold you tight and tell you – everything was going to be just fine.

You need to know that one person, was your angel.

You didn’t even want a solution, sometimes you just need to vent it out. Look around there is always one person who would hold you tight! You just got to find that person. It could be your friends, parents, neighbors or anyone. Find help, only you can save yourself.

Angels are not sent from heaven, they live amidst us – Open your eyes, open your hearts – You will overcome everything.

Life is Beautiful!


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