For Women Love Is Confusing @22!

loveconThe world that we live in today, most of us at 22 years of age have definitely fallen in love atleast once or have had that some deep crush, which someone overtook cause you were confused, still thinking and still analyzing what you are going through. You begin to remember all the infatuation theories you have heard, learnt and stored blindly in your head from your grade 8 lessons.

For all the people wandering in confused love syndrome… So, what really causes these conflicting thoughts?

Typically the today’s Indian Women/Lady/ Girl would be expected to be married off by 21 to 27 years. (I think that is the acceptable Indian range)

There are two sides to this coin – Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage.

While definitely both don’t matter if parents are open to our choices, but since they aren’t we will have to rethink and redesign our already confused mind.

For the certain someone you like, you realize it’s too early for that person to be wedded cause generally it would be your -classmate, collegemate, childhood friend who you like! and damn they are exactly your age, living under the shelter of his parents, still thinking of getting a job, and again confused, just like you- if they like you or love you!?!

Indian girls also share with their love interest, the million proposals the neighborhood aunty suggested, the last wedding smiling uncle prescribed and generally all the scary remarks – you have started looking old, fat, tanned, dark circles, hairfall and a million other things, with her potential love interest. Soon beside this there is emotional drama of the girl aging and the parents aging too! lol.

Then you have the values, trust and upbringing concept of your parents. You love them so very much, they love you all the more than that. You still like that classmate, collegemate or childhood friend but then your parents want you to have a settled life. That would immediately disqualify your love interest – Hahah… Then you rethink… Again confused!

Your love interest, still confused cause he’s definitely thinking career @22 and not wedding. You, your love and your confusion all become a great package. Then you have friends who are randomly into flings, one-night stands. You begin wondering, is there something called Love… HahaX… Limits of confusion!

Then suddenly the most committed couple in your campus, whom you thought would definitely get married, just break-up 3-4months before the final semester ends. While you are still in this turmoil, you find some of your friends(girls only…haha) getting married. You see facebook updates and ponder, “Oh so soon,, and her,, what about that guy!…Oh it’s a beautifully crafted arranged marriage…”.(Still wondering where did those butterflies, true love and everything viewed through the red-colored glasses vanish!)

You look around and see how disastrous some love stories ended – You see the wounds that were created in the hearts of parents, the lover and the subject- The girl, above all…

You contemplate arranged or love marriage…

The balance weighs so equal -> Your love interest = Parents love for you.

Then you think, chuck all this! I have bigger dreams to follow. Being Indian we are comfortable taking the lesser frictional path, and think what that is -???

Arranged marriage or Love??? Does true love exist??? Does the lover even exist???

You decide, let your parents decide whatever – Love or arranged marriage. True love would be a whole new chapter, to be explored after that… And since you are confused, your love interest would never know that you love him. Similarly, you wouldn’t know if he loved you cause – You see, We all have bigger dreams to chase!

Love is 22!

But then, ” Life is Beautiful!”


5 thoughts on “For Women Love Is Confusing @22!

  1. Great post..!!!
    U indeed wrote the exact same things a girl go through in this twinkling twenties..!!!
    But i rather don feel love confusing it actully defines ones personality overall.. I believe it all depends upon the kind of relationship we fall in..!!!
    Do we search for lust money fling in a relationship or a healthy relationship that really last long.
    A wrong relationship would make our world upside down but a true love/lover leads to achieve our dreams being part of life but may be with one condition “to stay together life long”.
    Just my point of view☺

    Liked by 1 person

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