Stop! Breathe! Think!

stuckI’m Sheril V J, doing my MBA in the beautiful city of Bangalore. The year 2015 was by far one of the best years of my life, the high point kind of a scenario. I knew 2016 wouldn’t be that cool but expected it to be moderately decent.

But then it wouldn’t be fair… Would it be???

So yes, testing times were ahead. Lost two of my friends in road accidents, had a tough time with internship… hahaha not very bad but was decently tougher than my perception. Had to deal with a lot of annoying people, ready to suck blood – the nasty foxes! Losing direction as to what I want in life, with career and placements groping in the dark, had to confront a lot of manipulative people – I know it’s MBA and they call it being diplomatic but I call it manipulative~

 In order that my mind stops running into all these thought process, of the losses and the the ambiguity of my choices(MBA over a job in IT). The escape route I found was to keep myself busy. Busy with class activities- presentations, role plays, a few family events, some events in college. I was so very occupied that I found no time to even get enough sleep. Sounds crazy! some of you’ll might not even believe. Well I’m a strong, independent, bold woman and so getting the weak side of me to be kept on display was not an option. People around me look upto me and I feel they think – ” My life is fantastic! Really cool!” But wait how many of you’ll, actually have looked deeper… Just a handful of them. Cause not everyone would be able to understand and look at my life, the way I look at it. And the way I look at it is – touch wood by far on the positive side. Yet there are days of melt downs and endless hours of crying. Crying gives me strength, flushes out the stress, improves breathing(cause it’s difficult for some people to relate or accept this concept..)

But amidst all this, I have these wonderful handful of friends I earlier mentioned – my Angels. One of them told me – She didn’t know how to tell me anything cause she just felt the same intensity I was feeling and was only able to empathize but not give a solution and also feared I wouldn’t be able to accept it. Well there was another friend who told me – You need to stop running away from life! (At first that sounded really funny, cause I felt I was having a perfectly happening life – according to societal standards!) I felt I was getting better with time – but my friend told me I’m stuck right where I was… (I initially laughed it off… but that was the fact… I was just stuck and directionless… I just kept myself busy cause I didn’t want to walk through the solution)

But I was enlightened! All I had to do next was to stop overthinking and stop stressing. In all the bad that happened this year 2016, there were life lessons. This would be one of my best years cause I learnt what Life was… And Yes I’ve changed! Maybe I’m not that same old sparkling self but I’ve evolved for the better. Change is not bad always! And only you can save yourself!

When you feel stuck in life – Stop! Breathe! Think!

Life is beautiful! 


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