Trolls – Marriage alliance time!

rosesWhat is in store for you, if it’s an arranged marriage. Trolls at home! Trolls at college! 

It is that seasonal climatic unrest period at home or on the external environment when they start looking out for a alliance for you at home. Let me start listing them from my own story till now:

Case 1:

One day, my mom wanted all the ceiling fans at home to be cleaned. She is very scared to climb up and reach, so she was requesting my Dad to help her out. Meanwhile, I was looking into my phone on a few placement mails I’d received earlier in the day. My mom asked for the table in my room cause that reached the ceiling perfectly. I cleared the mess on that table and put it right beneath the fan that had to cleaned. And I got back to my mobile. My Dad was just going to the hall to get onto that table, noticed me looking into the phone – There he found a potential replacement! So how to motivate me was the next thing on his mind – “See Sheeja (my mom) teach our daughter to clean the fan, else the house she would be sent to they would call her incapable and kick her out!”  So now I had to prove that I could clean the fan and wouldn’t be thrown out stating that reason… lol

Case 2:

College- MBA – Consumer Behavior Class – ‘Social Influence on Decision making’ was the topic of lecture. My lecturer asked for an example and a student replied- “If one of my friend buys an iPhone, peer pressure works on us, and all of us would want to buy an iPhone.” Definitely a good answer. But our lecturer had another example, ie – “If one of the girls in the class gets married, automatically all the other girls in the class would get married in a short while cause of peer pressure” Damn!!! How is this even justified!

Case 3:

Some random evening my mom was making cabbage for dinner, and I had just reached home after college. She looks at me, as I was blabbering out how my day went in college. She seemed to be worried and wanted to tell me something. I asked her what was worrying her – She looks deep into my eyes and tells me -“Sheril do you know to cut the cabbage – the fine, fine, fine chopping technique. You need to be fast, cause there would hungry people waiting for the food you make. Then you would be regretting not having done this task back at home.” Bang she hands over the knife to me and leaves the room…

Case 4:

 There was some relative of mine who wanted a photo of me to be shown to some acquaintance of there’s.. you know how it happens – the process.. So then after a long fight on the photo between me and mom one pic was finalized and sent. That was also when my mom learnt the pinching and zooming-in features of the smartphone – She was like- ” Wow!! now they could zoom deep into your face and check.( I don’t have a flawless skin- was the whole point- and I don’t apply any facial masks whether natural or cosmetic or do anything about that was the next point!)

Case 5:

Going to Church on Sunday’s was no longer the same. My mom wishes that I wear the gold chain(so that they don’t think I’m from the lesser fortunate homes! lol), my hair is neatly done(which would never be, cause my hair has a mind of it’s own…lol) and wear sufficient accessories(which is kind of hard for me to figure out, early in the morning). While this particular Sunday was fun! We finished with the prayers and were waiting outside the Church for my Dad to arrive after talking to a few of his friends. So, mom and I were just casually talking while a well dressed gang of 4 aunties walked towards us, one lady smiled at my mom, though my mom didn’t know her – She returned the smile generously back. The 3 women in the gang walked past while the fourth one, came really close to me. My mom and I grew conscious and stopped talking, she came further close to my face – I pushed closer to my mom for and then she walked away. Just then my Dad came and I walked to where my car was parked and got into the drivers seat (Sunday duties…lol) while these squad of 4 ladies, still looking and super excited that I was driving the car. This was the crudest evaluation I had, in some really long time now.

What would have been the thoughts in her mind as she came really close to me: (HahahX)

1 She doesn’t have a flawless skin.

2 Check on my height.

3 My complexion.

4 General overall checkout that lasted for a solid 3 minutes…

Then in a group they would have been thinking and discussing if I was a good buy… hahaX. Well, since they didn’t actually speak to us, it is like – DECISION PENDING…..


 Trolls of marriage alliance times!!! Lol! Waiting for more funnier times ahead! Cause:

Life is Beautiful!


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