Technology Has Changed Our Smile!

As surprising as the title sounds. I happened to scan through my childhood photos, engineering days photos and my current photos, I felt I had lost that sparkle. I started thinking if I was turning old!? lol. Twenty-two is not old! Haha! But then I felt that shine missing, the innocence and splendor that my engineering days pictures had.. That seemed to be lost!

Then I suddenly realised it was because back then the selfie madness wasn’t that on the run. We had our smart phones but then they didn’t have phenomenal camera quality and front camera’s were just getting introduced into the market. So if it was convocation or the farewell, we did have our Camera’s with us. When the camera is at work, we just stand looking unaware and lesser conscious of our appearance and could thoroughly enjoy the moment. With the selfie culture, we have lost that shine, sparkle and innocent moments being captured. Yes, again you could say, it gave us better chances of not having our eyes shut when the picture was clicked. But then old school methods had our sparkle protected. Here is a picture of me [selfie v/s old school camera method], and I feel it’s quite evident.

 I love the way technology has knitted our friend’s and family really close to us. Through facebook, twitter, gmail, smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. I write a lot and yes! I’m a vibrant social media user. But, honestly I treasure your voice over texting and find it hard to reply to texts. I know keeping in touch, not disturbing the other person yet informing them that we do remember them is important. However, I sometimes feel whatsapp, messenger has crippled our personal relationships. I have ample of instances to prove that:

1) When your friend wants the assignment you have done. Their ego stands in the way of outwardly striking a conversation with you. They drop you a text on whatsapp. And honestly I’ve been responsive. But just so as to check, what if I didn’t respond? Does that matter? Haha! Actually, not a bit. Your friend does not go out, grab that phone of theirs and dial your number! They just don’t. It’s very evident that they are giving it a try, just like fishing!

2) A couple of your friends send you Good night and Good Morning texts. Just in case you didn’t respond for a good whole two weeks. They either decide, you are too busy, ignoring them(attitude) or found new friends. They stop sending you text messages. Never once, do they feel like actually checking on you. (Few exceptions exist, probably immediate family)

3) People who text you a lot may be on messenger or whatsapp sometimes in direct never even greet you. May be there are factors like – work, commitments, deadlines, etc. But I fail to understand – If you really do care for someones well-being, just do it full-heartedly! Don’t do it as a method to stay on their mind, atleast not with close family and friends. I recall my Strategic Management lecturer told us- ” Out of Sight is Out of Mind!”

4) Remembering people only just when you need something from them is not a great idea. Atleast not on a texting basis. You may find me stuck in the old techniques or think I’m insane too.. But when you definitely know the other person is not in a meeting and can be reached on phone or can call back sometime later.. Reach-out!

PS: I know VOIP exists in whatsapp.

Sometimes it’s just wonderful to hear your friends voice. Networking, keeping in touch, business relationships, corporate friendship… Give all this a break once in a while. There is nothing more splendid than nature’s sunshine, rain-drops, rainbows, mist, etc. Do you know what it takes to experience that?? Raise your heads, look out of your smartphone and high end gadgets. Nature has cure, sparkle, relief and love in abundance to offer.

We are all living so very virtually, it makes me yearn for the good old days, when we had a  – “Sparkle in our Smile!

Life is Beautiful!


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