Be Positive !

How often do we hear this?

“Be Positive”

Almost everyday, multiple times! That just goes on to show, we feel we are in a hopeless condition. The very second someone tells me “Be Positive”… Damn I feel, so doomed my life must be… HahahaX

Not exactly, but indirectly. This phrase blind folds our eyes to the numerous negative thoughts our mind is spinning. It temporarily shuts off our off-track thoughts.

But really, is having a positive attitude is all that is necessary in life?

Sometimes it does good to also look at the down side, of all the impossibilities. I do not mean to stay trapped in a desert without water, it is called as rating your environment. When you know the negative side of the story, the fall you have can be easily reciprocated. You are mentally  prepared and your mind has already knit a bounce-back strategy to the scenario. Being optimistic all the time could lead us to overrate our self confidence and retard our feeling of gratitude.

So I’d say: “Be Negative”

That makes you strong and your decisions wise. It gives you inner strength. It makes you think 360 degrees round your focused problem statement.

Then why do we need to Be Positive?

Cause, only then can we be confident of the actions we take. Every decision you take, each day should have a overall progressive impact on your living. Live one day at a time. Do not procrastinate and do not fast-forward life. Live it gracefully. It doesn’t matter if you achieve success slower than your counter parts. Everything happens only when the time is right. Till then hold tight!

Life is Beautiful! 


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