Sheril’s Life Lesson’s Of 2k16.

1. Death is the ultimate truth of life.

2. Love and forgiveness is what makes the world go round.

3. Everyone is replaceable, so don’t stress yourself too much.

4. Want to be happy and successful? Live like there is no tomorrow!

5. Time heals, believe that.

6. Stay away from manipulative people. Then, living and breathing becomes easy.

7. Angel’s are not in heaven, they are here on Earth. See them in your well wishers, who never give up on you.

8. Not everything we plan would take shape, be ready to accept things as they come. Above all, learn to accept failures.

9. With age our parent’s start becoming the stubborn kid we once were. Learn to treat them with love and patience. 

10. Health, smile, sunshine and love is all we need apart from food, water and air.

11. If something was ever your’s, it will come back to you. Clinging will just not work!

12. Never loose faith in yourself. Ultimately only you can save yourself.

13. Be humble. However successful you are. 

14. Talk to your parents and grandparents. You need to find time, than regret.

15. Let go and remove some people from your life. Because your care and love never mattered to them. Respect yourself. 

16. Remember nobody can love you as much as your parents do. Give them your time. Respect their decisions and money. 

Food for thought:

Parties, movies, dating, chating and money to get all this will never give you the inner spirit of happiness. They look nice, feels great but are not long lasting. 

These 16 lessons were well engraved in 2k16. This year gets the Best Teacher’s award from me.

Thank you 2016.


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