New Year – “Resolutions Karma”

new-yearAt the outset, A very Happy New Year. We have all grown a year older and a lot more wiser.

What do New Year’s bring around? 

The immediate thought of wishing our near and dear one’s, is the old way of saying it! It’s randomly wishing everyone and anyone on Facebook, whatsapp, hike, messenger, LinkedIn etc and reminding them, Yes! I’m so damn alive, full of life, full of spirit to soak in this New Year.

Yet there is this other lot of people thinking of making the entry into New Year by travelling, partying, drinking, resorts, foreign trips, temple tours, exotic holidaying and the list is endless.

What are the after effect’s of New Year ?

The Facebook status updates! HahaX

           a) Felling drunk at ‘——‘

           b) Partying with ——- at ——- on New Year’s Eve.

           c) 2017 be mine

           d) Images of Happy New Year! Flooding all around.

Once this is done!

The next Day, 2nd Jan. Curious huh?

          a) All dressed in New clothes, bright and shining, still not being able to keep upto the                New year resolution and landing in late to office or college.

          b) The gyms are running full.

          c) More joggers and walkers in the park.

          d) Everyone excitingly finding out each other’s New Year resolutions. During school                    days were more evident, as we grow older there is dilution of the concept!

           e) Some still struggling with the hangover of the last night’s party.

           f) Reflecting on how the year gone past was… Definitely, everyone had a bad year.                       How often we tend to overlook and forget the blessings. We only count the                                 downfalls. Please count the uphills too!

           g) People with a sweet tooth, go healthy and seem to have broken up with the ice-                       creams, candies, pastries and everything sweet!

Happenings of 3rd Jan of New Year?

First of all,

           a)  Life returns to normalcy!

           b) ” I don’t believe in New Year and resolutions, everyday is precious.”

           c) ” I just overdid the workouts and my hands and legs are aching.”

           d) “I don’t think of calories. This is anyways just a slight bit. Acceptable by human                        standards.”

If not by 3rd Jan, by 7th of Jan, Life definitely returns to normalcy. There would be a few outliers and exceptions.

So what good happened to ME this New year ?

I’m old school. There is nothing more appreciable than a letter. Forget it! Considering the speed of life today that would be way too much to be hoping.

Well, a friend took time to give a personal whatsapp text explaining how he thought I was as a person and with a note at the bottom – “Do not return the act, then it would be exchanging of praises. And the purpose wouldn’t be served.”

That was a very thoughtful gesture, so I decided to carry forward the first blessing of the year and pinged in few other, of my friend’s and acquaintance. Feel’s good! Give it a try.

Whether you believe in resolutions or not,

Do Good, Feel Happy from Within.

People are people, not machines.

Love the world a little more. I believe everything has a way of coming back to you. It’s just a matter of time.

“Love the People, Use the Things.| NOT | Use the People, Love the Things.” 

Life is Beautiful!


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