The Heart Bleeds!

It’s not necessary always that only a broken relationship could make your heart bleed. It’s neither to do with family relationships. 

It could be because of the unwise decisions you made, the beauty of not being able to see the world the way you had painted perfect for you. It wasn’t just money or success, it was a dream that you tirelessly worked towards. Sometimes, it was very tough and you held in there really strong, because you had that deep desire to conquer your dreams. Sometimes, you were patient enough and let the world speak whatever they felt, but never paid heed. You have had sleepless nights deciding if the choice you are making is the right one. You did your research, analysis and probability. You calculated the worst case. Only when you were sure that the worst case was better than the best of the other alternative, you stepped in and took action. 

But, to know that it was wrong and going back to where you had left seems not feasible. 

The Heart Bleeds!

Your very own mind, mocks the decisions that your mind and heart took together. 

The Heart Bleeds!

When you are patient and believe, what has to come will definitely be given to you by God/ Nature/ Supereme power, which hasn’t happened. 

The Heart Bleeds!

When you believe, you have given your 100%, your entire life time of energy and fire, to be time-and-again put-off and start from the ashes.

The Brave Heart, Bleeds!

The Heart Bleeds! The Brave Heart Bleeds! 


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