Circle of Friends

Friend’s are the most essential people in our lives, from montessori to the highest degree you hold. At all the orientations whether in college or in our new workplaces we have always been excited and sometimes worried about how and who would be in our new circle of friends. At all the farewells we promised of staying in touch.

Our innumerous friend’s circle on Facebook and our groups on WhatsApp and Snapchat are unaccountable and in plenty!

With every walk of life our circle changes or new members get added, sometimes our old circle of friends disappear, some other times we disappear. 

But this circle, which is close to us. It’s the most difficult one to decide. Let’s keep family and relatives off this, cause I believe they would rank well within the circle. Our friends circle is strong and bounded until we are in sight. Sometimes it’s so strange to realise, the person who fell within your circle was just treating you as a stepping ladder, as a brand, as a profitable association. It’s hard to realise you were only an option. But the hardest of it all is when you realise, there was none, without benefit. All those smiles and all those greetings and all those meetings and everything nice, was just keypharased as networking! 

With time and some gap your stock prices falls, if your brand value is effected then it’s truely game over. You are the company or product, or that’s how you are thought of 😂 

It’s hard to accept that the circle one day just has you… It’s ridiculous, you invest so much of time and energy for these “circle’s”

Strangely, it’s only you within the circle. 

So what now?
I know it’s hard but learn to love your own company. You must learn to love yourself. 


Life is Beautiful!

(Note: There could always be exceptions)



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