Finding Anwers 😫

Time gives you the answers you’ve always wanted.

It could be hard to accept, difficult to grasp and kind of bitter to gulp down. But, that is the answer!

Trust me it’s easy, answers can be found or it will come to you when the time is right. But unfortuantely, there is very little you can do about it! Like really close to nothing. 

You can look at the answer, admire it, hug it tight, go to bed with it, think after it, overthink about it, loose your mind over it. End of story. Life goes on. . .

Some questions are better without answers. Sometimes it’s hard when you tumble over the answers. Then you would be forced to take a stand. When you have that brain, that reverse tracks! Life would be damn crazy!

In case you don’t understand it’s fine. You will find your answers some day!

Life is Beautiful!


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