What men want? What women tell them😉

Yes, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Women as young girl’s are told, they are their Dad’s princesses. How often are the guys told they are the prince? Never! Really Never!

And then the Rapunzel’s story and her Prince in shining armour are their favourite. Later in life women get this tone, ” I’m unique” “I’m different” “I’m special” “I’m ……..”

Now these princesses grow up to be real royal. Royal in there opinions, selection, food, friend’s, comments, attitude. There is good and bad as well. 

Now, getting to Mars, the guys. I’m sure every girl you have tried to hit upon or even just had a flirtatious conversation or rather just a friendly conversation, would have told you, ” Hey I’m not like any other girl, I’m special/ unique/ …..”

Yes, well every woman out there is special, unique, smart, hardworking, beautiful in their own way. Definitely! 

But, it’s every woman.

Now! What do men want?

A normal woman/ girl/ lady. He doesn’t want fancy stuff! Boom a princess! Bang a Vampire! No. He wants a simple, easy going, fast forgiving, lesser bragging, preferably sports loving, peaceful creature to be his friend/ girl friend/ wife/ soul mate. That’s it! End of story. 

Come on! Who wants to take care of you like a princess? (Apart from your Dad or immediate family.) Really? In today’s world, no one has the time and energy for such fantasies! 

Ladies/ girls/ woman, you are no princess. Now, try being a nice person. Women think a lot, and men don’t intend what they say. Women must reduce the mind blowing interpretations, of words spoken by the creatures from Mars, which has crazy impacts on your relationships. Cause, most probably they didn’t intend what you interpreted. 


What to do ladies?

  • Be normal, not special.
  • Know that you are not a princess.
  • Be easy going and fast forgiving.
  • If possible stop interpreting, talk directly.
  • Every woman is unique, it’s just not you in there, using that space! Every woman.

But trust me! 

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus 😎 😂

Life is Beautiful!


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