The handshake that just shook her ❤

Handshakes are meant to be short, frisk, confident, with a straight smile and a few seconds of looking right into the eyes of the other person.  
Then there are handshakes of love that lasts slightly longer with a fond look in the eyes, these are handshakes of infactuation or someone with a crush😆

But there are more beautiful handshakes with the warmth of a hug, with the eyes holding on deeply, so intense that you feel the other person is reading your soul. No words spoken, nothing exchaged. Just that deep connection felt from the heart.

In general cases you would try to escape from such a handshake, then it’s one sided love😂

But when both parties are lost, not bound by time, only the environment can wake them up😍. They are love lost.😂

Trust me there are people, especially girl’s who remember every single date and every single event associated, provided she has the time😋 They celebrate anniversaries. May be even after a break-up or may be no know what condition..

But trust me, that handshake just shook her from the inside. To stay alive, for a long time.

Life is Beautiful!


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