CrossRoads are Crazy!

Having two options in life, two crossroads with exactly the same pros and cons is really hard to contemplate. 

It wasn’t until I did my MBA that I realised that there was a term for this in economics called Opportunity Cost. 

So let’s get back to the scenario of my perplexsion. I was placed in two companies after my engineering – Accenture and CSC. Both were good. I’m a bangalorean, so the location I preferred was Bangalore. 


Location : Bangalore

Package : 3.56 lpa

Role : Java Developer

Transportation : No


Location : Bangalore

Package : 3.15 lpa

Role : Testing

Transportation : Yes

I was interested in being a Java developer but my parents somehow liked Accenture as public voting went for it(good for girl’s reviews).

While I was still deciding on this scenario there was another contender for space in my mind called PGCET. PGCET is the entrance test for MBA in Bangalore. I had a rank of 21. So now, there was CSC, Accenture and MBA. After a lot of thinking, I finally decided on pursuing my MBA. But always felt a year of work experience would have always served better. But, who knows maybe then the rank would not happen ๐Ÿ˜‚ So CSC and Accenture were Opportunity Cost. 

While doing my MBA under PGCET would allow me to complete the course within 1.6lakhs, while any other entry (CAT, GMAT, KMAT) would mean 7.2 lakhs. 

Like that the two years of MBA flew by and life was peaceful. 

It was the silence before the placement storm. 

Cross Roads are crazy, they give us hope’s of multiple opportunities. But then, you can’t grab it all! 

CrossRoads it’s time you have a proper signal system. 

But still you know what?

Life is beautiful ๐Ÿ˜‡


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