New Chapter’s

There always an feeling of freshness everytime you get into a new place, a new environment, new tasks, new people, new circles, new friends, new enemies.. HahahahaX

But, every new phase requires us to ponder on our past life and being able to see the path forward. Atleast, I’m used to doing this activity more often than not. 

It’s also necessary to make necessary changes from our routines to our priorities. Change is the only truth that is permanent. And a person being able to accept change faster and easier is the winner or the happiest. 

Remember to definitely have one thing in your priority list, learn one thing a day. It is also the time to remove people, I know that sounds bad. But, time is precious and invest on relationships that don’t hurt you at the end of the story. Get associated slightly on a formal level, unless you are very sure to have yourself vulnerably out there. Give things and people time, who wants to stay would definitely stay, who wants to leave will disappear. 

Have positive thoughts as you begin a new streak of life. Also remember, nothing is the end. We can always have everything sorted. Enter with optimism, stay focussed and smile through. 

Life is Beautiful!


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