Childhood is Funny!??

I never found childhood funny, when I was into it. But looking back, I can’t but admit it was funny. As children we totally don’t know how much funny it is, the questions we ask, our way of exploring the world. 

Today I was heading back after a walk and found a lady feeding food to her 2 year old son. She was pointing at something on the wall. Back then for me it was the moon. So I was curious as to what the new object of a child’s interest was. It was a lizzard. The child was being told, “Adhu orru palli”(meaning: That’s a lizard). Soon enough the kid started yelling, “Aye Palli, Ayeee Palli”. I started smiling. After sometime the kid yelled, “Aye palli kaadhu kekiliya?”(meaning: Hey Lizard, can’t you hear me calling you?) Haha! According to the kid the lizard was supposed to respond to his call. 

Yet another incident I foundly remember was with my cousin Mini. She was around 8 years old and we were strolling on the road near granny’s place in the evening. As we walked I noticed a neem tree, and asked her if she was learning about it. She seemed totally clueless. I was surprised, cause as a kid we were taught about the Neem tree, the leaf shape, good for health, teeth and so on. Once I got a clear confirmation she was totally unaware, HahahahaX. I told her, the Neem leaf was the thing used to make chocolate and that it was very very sweet.(Actually the leaf is bitter but has medical values). She has a sweet tooth. So we walked back to the tree and I caught hold of one of the branch and managed to pluck a strand. It had 5 Neem leaves. I offered two to my cousin and told three were for me. But NO, she fought back and told me, 2 for you, 3 for me 😂😂. 

After winning the battle, she put the 3 chocolate leaves😂(actual Neem leaves) into her mouth. Haha! And quickly spat it out, cautioning me that it was the wrong tree leaves😂 That was innocence at it’s best. Now, she knows a good amount about the Neem tree. 

Yet another day during my evening walk I noticed a kid around 3 years old, playing in the veranda with a ball, inside the gate of her home(the gate was latched but not locked), in all safety. Soon the ball slipped through the railings of the gate and came into the centre of the road. I was looking as to what the kid would do… Would she cry? Would she call her mother? Or would she ask the passers-by to help her? 

Actually, none of it! 

She managed to fit through the railings of the gate(which was still latched) fetched her play thing and quitely fitted right through the railings. I had a fear that her head would get stuck. But, it looked like she had done it many a times and gained experience 😂 Whatever, her solution was beyond the scope of my thought process!

Way too often we are caught around with apprehensions on the path to take. The way ahead! But think from a kids point of view. Everything is new, yet they aren’t scared. They figure out everything on their own, with no doubts and no assumptions. 

Grow, but remain a child.

Life is Beautiful!


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