Social Media And it’s Vicious Tentacles.

Social Media

How Social Media has become an indispensable part of OUR life, just because saying “MY life” kind of hurts my conscience. I like everyone of you’ll have debated over the topic, “Social media is a boon or a bane.” Like all of us would agree, it has both pros and cons.

The Pros of Social media:

  • Facebook helps us stay connected to our friends and family on a personal level.
  • LinkedIn helps us network faster and form a database of the person we are professionally going to meet in a deal or face to face meeting for business purposes.
  • Instagram – I’ve personally never understood how Instagram would make a difference from Facebook. Instagram has more colors to brighten or edit your pictures. It has lesser text and more pictures is my personal observation.
  • Snapchat – Watch a image once and it’s boom! gone! Good in terms that my memory is not being utilized and I do not have to delete the pictures from gallery.
  • Whatsapp – Is something that has become completely unavoidable, due to many groups you are in – instant updates from college exams, workplace meetings, to children’s school concerns, assignments etc. Come in on real time.
  • Twitter – Helps handle non-responsive customer care issues, within seconds. Cause companies are fearful of their brand image.

I only felt people from the age group of 15 years in India have a concern with all these apps but that is not the case. Children even in school- require Whatsapp to share assignments. I have my 7 year old cousin following me on Instagram and Twitter, which made me think. I wasn’t a great user of Facebook until I joined my MBA and may be Marketing made me a little more noisier on the Social platforms. I also had a mentor who said Facebook is an amazing platform to reach to a maximum number of people on any topic. My Strategic Management Sir’s words, “Out of sight is out of mind.” I also felt, people felt happy and that was my way of thanking them, by writing and putting up photos on Facebook. Till then, everything was amazing. There was pretty much everything about me personally on Facebook and academically/professionally on LinkedIn and a lot brighter on Instagram. As time passed my engagement with people gradually seemed more of the virtual space than the real. People who I could see, became photos I could see. Soon enough I noticed yet another friend of mine who would uninstall every other social app on her smartphone and take a break, like she never existed – “ANTI-SOCIAL”. Eventually I realized my interactions with people falling, even at home. Now, I was spending lesser time with my favorite television, my pet bird, my Granny received lesser calls from me but, everyone had a complete picture of where I was in my life. HahaX (excluding my close one’s, cause they aren’t really active on Social Media.) I used to rant my daily concerns on social platforms, mostly Facebook. It wasn’t far when one of friend’s asked me, “You don’t have time to talk to us, keep posting stuff and rant about your life as status updates. Now I had begun to admire my Anti-Social friend. Soon enough I began to take breaks, uninstall a few apps or all of them at once. But, it felt good. More time for myself, for food, for my pet and the beauty of the world around, it gave time for my evening strolls.

Social Media is a loop we are into, even if we wish we possibly would not be able to break free from it’s vicious circle.

But, you are the decision maker. You have the power to your life.  I give you the liberty to decide – Social media is a boon or bane!?

Life is Beautiful.


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