Feirce Loyalty of Frìéndshíp

Friend’s are crazy, annoying, irritating, fun loving and have the same level of retardedness which is bearable to you… Well this is the general notion. 

But then I met Ramya S, when I was 22 years and probably after going through a lot of friendships that bloomed, blossomed and dried away. Like the song, Time of our lives by Tyrone Wells. But, Ramya came along with a different package. By then, I was in a “friend’s with all” zone. Because what I could give and offer as a friend was very difficult to accept. I couldn’t hang out much (lack of permissions from home), I wouldn’t be teasing you with your crush or anyone, I wouldn’t be getting you food stuffs to eat, I wouldn’t be able to join you on a trip and the list flows onn….

Well, in Ramya’s own words she never felt we could possibly be friend’s after our few initial days. After a couple of friend’s who didn’t stay long, who I felt would and many walked by the lanes with time. However there are a few who decided to stay anyway, a handful of them (Anusha and Deepthi). Time didn’t affect. 

With Ramya the difference however is that she was with me at my best. I had missed quite a few classes in my first year MBA and final exams especially finance paper was a nightmare for me, for all the exams, Ramya would wait for me though I would always be 10 minute’s late. She would then tell me my class room, put me in that class, wish me all the best. 

After a point I had to ask her to stop! Cause I’m sure I would never be able to do this. And I would definitely go ahead and write my exam and not keep waiting for a friend who would come late every single exam. 

Strangely, academic subjects were never a topic of discussion between us. But this was what the world felt we were knit together for! Studies😂 but it wasn’t. 

Then when I hit my worst phase till now in my life. Maybe there is more harder things to come.. but until then. Every one became a little distant. I distanced them, I didn’t want my struggle to be seen. Though it was quite evident. Strangely, during this time I had a few new good friends who hadn’t known the extremely happy me😂 They chugged along, thinking she is a girl with shades of black 😀 Cause who knew me before, couldn’t actually comprehend, how could someone be this different. It was not me, but a hard phase. Yet the new people have been solace. 

This was also the time I felt, like everyone, Ramya would not be able to take my madness for too long either. We were talking lesser, than before. Our common jokes had turned into a disaster. We spent some time in silence. But she always kept around me. Because she knew I had gone blind. My temperament was all along the place. More higher at her. I felt she would leave me. But, she never did.. She silently stayed beside me. I would still never give her the best friend title, for she was more than that. In just 1.5 years she had seen all my colours and yet decided to stay. She isn’t very expressive of her feelings. She has bad days too. But I would never know. There is this is amazing strength that she holds within her. A child like innocence, love and light. 

She was my diary for almost all the time that I knew her. I couldn’t return as much as I received from her. I think this was my first friendship where I feel I’m way too indebted. 

She healed me in such a fashion, that’s though the scar’s are there, I’ve rediscovered myself. 

Thank you Ramya…

Ramya S 01FM15MBA154

Sheril V J 01FM15MBA174

Batch of 2015-17.

You are an Angel and a blessing God gave me…

All the Best. You will be engraved in my memories. 

(Note: Remember the guidelines I have given you in writing for your birthday. Cause I’m not as feirce loyal as you..)


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