You are STRONG. Is that ALL?

I’ve always been of the opinion being strong is a great way of living one’s life. 

When you are Strong:

Your intentions for everyone is good and pure. 

You tend to motivate people around you. 

You have very high standards and degree of respect for all. 

You are happy to be there and help everyone. You are nice to all.

You were a happy and bold kid. You like transparency and fairness.

You are self motivated and enthusiastic.

But on the flip side:

You force yourself to smile, even when you have a bad day. Cause you are Strong.

You don’t share what you are going through, because your life seems perfect from the top.

You don’t tend to faint at what life throws at you, because you are Strong.

You don’t cry or scream your mind out, because it’s just a phase and you are a lot practical. For you know, You are STRONG…

You are sick, but then you stand equal without one word to anyone about your aches and pains. Cause you are Strong..

You keep fighting to complete your duties, while struggling to satisfy the perfectionist in you, the critic in you..

You are getting drained, of all the multi-tasking you are doing with a charming grace. But then, You are Strong..

People take a dig at you and your life, and your dignity bans you from speaking your mind out. You are a team player. And, you are Strong!

They look at you finishing things on time and decide you have someone to help you all the time. Well that someone is never there. And you fail to ask for help because you are Strong… And you fail to recieve help because you are Strong…

You cannot be unhappy or depressed, because, you are Strong..

You will not be pampered, and so do you believe, you need no pampering. Because, you are Strong..

When you see someone a little off.. you try to lift their spirits up. While you are actually in a more hopeless position. Because, you are Strong..

You will not be helped. You will not be genuinely asked, If you are alright?. You being cruelly harsh on yourself will not be visible. You pushing yourself every day will not be appreciated. Your presence is obvious, because you are committed. 

All can see, you are perfect! Because, You are Strong.

Strangely, only you know you are really Strong at holding all the pieces and all your thoughts together. 

You are STRONG. Is that ALL???

Life is Beautiful


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