Father’s Day – Gift😂

My Dad has been working from the last 36 years, with 15 years of meritorious service for the Indian Navy. He was the radar operator in INS Rajput(Destroyer). INSRajput

He didn’t have a LinkedIn account. I felt it would be amazing to record his tenure, with the Indian Navy and more than a dozen private organisations.

As I recorded each organisation, I realised he has worked up the ladder from very junior positions..  really worked hard to get to where he is today. In the midst of all this, he made a considerably huge amount of time for me. He invested a lot of time and patience on me.

I just randomly made his profile for the fun of making one. Now the thought of presenting it to him..

I wished him, “Happy Father’s day.” And told him, this was his Father’s day gift from me… Not really, it was actually my love and respect. But, he being the military man and an enthusiast of News 9 called out to me, “Come watch Huccha Venkat’s drama on TV, you are always on your laptop, come here.. I’ve got mangoes for you, cut one.”

My Mom hears all the commotion. She cuts the mango.. we all begin to eat.. One happy family, watching – Huccha Venkat’s drama.

My Mom looks at me with a sparkle in her eye.. She tells me, “I want a Facebook account for Mother’s Day.”


I love my parent’s. 😘


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