Far away.. Yet very close.

Far away, in a world I don’t know..

In a place I’ve never been..

So I don’t know, how are things there..

Have any reforms been created?

Have you brought any change?

Have you thought about me?

Have you thought about the question mark you left unanswered?

Have you felt the tears rolling down?

Have you seen the smile you bring remembering you?

Do you know, how hard it has been..

For months I felt, I forgot to breathe..

And now that I’m better..

My mind somehow strays, my thoughts reach your place..

Somehow the breathlessness returns, the spiking pain returns, the tears return, and I travel back in time.

To the phrase when it all began:

“Forgotten in time or Lost in sand.”

I think finally we have utilized both the choices..

Forgotten in time…

Lost in sand..

But the spiral never ends!

Life is Beautiful.


Setting you free..

I thought for some time, for some really long time..

You are my sunshine and my happiness drug..

You wrapped around me, when I was down

You sang along when I sung

You cured me, and made me smile..

I remember all that I told you on convocation day..

You showed me, that my fear was far from true..

Even now, I know you are a call away.. a honest apology away..

But then, it’s been long I’ve thought to get a hold of myself.

I know I’d fall back on you with my worries..

I’d crawl back on you with my troubles

For once, I had to think what’s best for you

I had to allow you to fly, you are made for the skies..

I still love the emerald sea

I thought what could be a gift..

My voice over the call or not even a swift of my wind

Of those I chose to set you free, so that you can fly

As high and Happy can be..

I’m happy that I had you.. That’s something I can’t convey by words.

But I definitely want you to prosper in all ways possible.

Promising you a life full of thankfulness.


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Miracle’s Do Happen!

Being a newly employed working professional, I get little time to look outside. However, my parents love gardening. Saturday’s are when I chance and enjoy the beautiful garden. 

Today, my mom had a “Miracle Story” to share.

We have a rose block in our garden with some 5 varieties of roses. My mom loves the red roses and she loves the fact that they can get really really tall. 

My Dad wanted to trim down the red rose as he wasn’t able to see and enjoy the beauty of the flower at such great height.

Guess what happened next!?…

The plant now gives roses facing downwards. The new buds (3-4 of them) that came thereafter are bent downwards… Like we could see the flower bloom standing underneath it. Never seen anything like this before – Miracle!

Now I wanted a close shot of the flower, I asked my mom to hold the flower down. Since it was afternoon, I couldn’t really see the picture I was clicking. And this is what I managed to capture. HahaX

Mom says, “It’s the rose plant trying to tell you, one day I’d be as tall as the coconut tree.” HahaX
Life is Beautiful.


Dampened Pillars..

When the building you built housed only people who could see the spacious, comfortable and enriching appearance of the walls and stones built. 

You wanted a home which was filled with love. But you founded a castle built in luxury. 

You believed that food, sleep, sunshine, truthfulness, hardwork and the magic ingredient love, would make a splendid portion. However, life taught you, this was far from true.

People and it includes me, are very selfish. All we can see is, our peace, our happiness, our success… When you are at a plus in one of the three… There would be everyone around and you wouldn’t mind a few who are not around😂

Internally you know how weak your pillars have become.. time has sweeped water through the walls of the building. The dampness looms the inner soul. 

When one fine day the building crashes, all blame the contractor and  the owner for the poor utility and maintenance. 

For now the owner knows that the material he had build the pillars with, the external extravagance all had wrong proportions of concrete mix. 

Now the owner builds the building again… With stronger walls and harder pillars… For he’s bored of his own shortcomings.. and because life goes on..

Life is Beautiful ✨


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