JilmilShe was the madness,

He was her doctor.

She was the stubborn kid,

He was her teacher.

She was the broken-winged bird,

He was the vet.

She was the unpredictable,

He was the Pole star.

She was the wave,

He was the deep calm sea.

She was the sun-rays,

He was the setting sun.

She was never short of words,

He was always speechless.

She was a butterfly.

He was her cocoon.




Miracle’s Do Happen!

Being a newly employed working professional, I get little time to look outside. However, my parents love gardening. Saturday’s are when I chance and enjoy the beautiful garden. 

Today, my mom had a “Miracle Story” to share.

We have a rose block in our garden with some 5 varieties of roses. My mom loves the red roses and she loves the fact that they can get really really tall. 

My Dad wanted to trim down the red rose as he wasn’t able to see and enjoy the beauty of the flower at such great height.

Guess what happened next!?…

The plant now gives roses facing downwards. The new buds (3-4 of them) that came thereafter are bent downwards… Like we could see the flower bloom standing underneath it. Never seen anything like this before – Miracle!

Now I wanted a close shot of the flower, I asked my mom to hold the flower down. Since it was afternoon, I couldn’t really see the picture I was clicking. And this is what I managed to capture. HahaX

Mom says, “It’s the rose plant trying to tell you, one day I’d be as tall as the coconut tree.” HahaX
Life is Beautiful.

Dampened Pillars..

When the building you built housed only people who could see the spacious, comfortable and enriching appearance of the walls and stones built. 

You wanted a home which was filled with love. But you founded a castle built in luxury. 

You believed that food, sleep, sunshine, truthfulness, hardwork and the magic ingredient love, would make a splendid portion. However, life taught you, this was far from true.

People and it includes me, are very selfish. All we can see is, our peace, our happiness, our success… When you are at a plus in one of the three… There would be everyone around and you wouldn’t mind a few who are not around😂

Internally you know how weak your pillars have become.. time has sweeped water through the walls of the building. The dampness looms the inner soul. 

When one fine day the building crashes, all blame the contractor and  the owner for the poor utility and maintenance. 

For now the owner knows that the material he had build the pillars with, the external extravagance all had wrong proportions of concrete mix. 

Now the owner builds the building again… With stronger walls and harder pillars… For he’s bored of his own shortcomings.. and because life goes on..

Life is Beautiful ✨

Don’t tie down your Happiness!

So classifying people on the type of life they lead, we can broadly classify the people into three categories: Smart workers, hard workers and visual workers.

Smart worker would be one who wants to learn, understand and establish his/her own strategies and implement those into the team. They would always have more on their plate, much more than things that they could handle.

Hard worker would be the one’s those who want to learn, unlearn, relearn, teach and get to know how everything works. They aren’t very keen on implementing new ways but over time they would grow to be smart workers. They are slow but have a slow and methodical approach to tasks.

Visual worker these are the sad type of worker –  one who is fearful of the boss, tries to hypnotise the supervisor or manager into believing that they are slogging and putting in a lot of work. They would be jealous, people who would poke their nose into others business and would be at times annoying to the extent of mental torture to the smart and hard working type of workers.

Setting aside all this, try to never tie your happiness to the momentary events in your life. This is from a talk in office- I need to have a feeling that the place where I sit, my desktop and laptop all these brings in a feeling of…being my space. So, Life is Beautiful being my most favourite words, I put up a sticky note of that on my laptop. Now, this was a huge matter of interest and annoyance to some people around. The only answer my unfortunate sharp tongue returned was – I’m sorry that your Life is Ugly.

Being on a call this evening with my friend, made me realise that she was tying her happiness to the events in life. On enquiring on how her Masters program was going she tells me, “Dude my theory paper is over and all that is remaining is the project research, once that  is over I would be super happy in life.” I decided to tell her that she would be perfectly fine. Then she continues to talk and happens to tell me, “Dude, once I’m placed I will be the happiest human being on this earth.” Now I couldn’t resist, but firmly tell her that she was tying her happiness to the events that will no matter what, would definitely happen in her life. She was in fact postponing her happiness. I told her, I would probably sound like a preacher/psychiatrist but the truth is, her happiness is definitely not dependent on the project or the job. She replies, “I’m feeling these are things I’ve committed to…. things which I don’t feel are my choices in life.” Now this was hard. The problem wasn’t immediate but a long time issue. In order to please her parents/societal expectations she was putting a lock on her happiness, her choices and in the event never tried to figure out what her true calling was… what she really loved doing. Sometimes this stems from the upbringing and the thought process – to all the parents out there- DO NOT decide the choices your children need to be making – It’s not always about your child having the best choice picked on their plate, try looking if that brings a smile on their face.

To my generation, and to everyone: Do not tie your happiness to the momentary events in your life. 

Don’t weigh down Balloons (happiness) with the rocks of your momentary expectations.

Life is Beautiful!

GoodBye – Healer

For you shall walk away.. 

And I shall never call you back.

For you have a piece of my life..

I do not want it back.

You’ve given me a share of your thoughts..

I will treasure them.

You have to take this path..

And I’ll wish you well, though in pain.

You will never know..

How hard all this was…

You will never hear from me..

For that is.. I know not why..

You would be missed..

For it’s better that way.

From the deepest ends of gratitude, Thank you, for all of You!

“You got to talk to the one who made you, talk to the one who understands, talk to the one who gave you, All the light in your eyes..”      ~Sheryl Crow

Life is Beautiful.