How time’s change…

This is a story of two girls named Agnes and Thresa. Agnes was the elder one. Agnes and Theresa had an inseparable bond – though they didn’t live together. There existed already many issues among their families which Agnes was aware of being elder. She however made sure that none of it affected their love and bonding. Somedays when Agnes used to visit her grandmother where Theresa lived she would take her accumulated piggy bank money and get jelly candies for little Theresa loved those very much.

When the time to leave granny’s house came Agnes had to hide and go.. For if little Theresa saw Agnes leave she would roll on floor – run behind Agnes on the road – roll on the road and cry.

A few years into life slowly the rivalry between the families intensified. Now both Theresa and Agnes were in their early and late twenties. Both now understood the quarrels between the families very well. Nothing changed for Agnes but for Theresa she made a choice to join the family battle.

At a casual family gathering when they met, Agnes waved at Theresa while she managed to smile and dodged looking.

I know for a fact that day Agnes went home and cried all night. But her little Theresa was stronger – she managed to smile.

Life is Beautiful


Value! While You Have

How often do we take all the blessings we have for granted? How often are we ungrateful of the gifts that we possess?

The answer would be, every day.. every second..

I’m a 24 year old grown up adult who lives with my parents. Never paying electricity, water, cable, mobile or any such bills. My parents are quite independent and take complete charge of their lives and mine. The way they manage the house and the beautiful garden I have will always remain a mystery for me. Having written all this … These are just thought’s that ran into my head today (not to worry I’m as ungrateful as you’ll are) because my parent’s were out of town for a day – to be precise for 16hours.

So every day after I’m ready to go to work, I spend 15 mins playing badminton with my Dad/mom based on availability😂😂

Then I enjoy another 10mins looking at the flowers/ tiny fishes/ plants on the whole.

Today since my parent’s were away – the newspaper lay there at the gate without being picked up, a monthly subscription book clinged onto the gate, the flower which used to look at me and give a million dollar smile… Was lying dead and lifeless.

My parent’s made it look as though the flower was alive and happy because of me.. but the truth is they kept it alive..

That very second, I watered the plant in the hope that it would stand up again. Something I never did when my parent’s were around – which would have made them happy.

Coming back to the question:

How often do we take all the blessings we have for granted? How often are we ungrateful of the gifts that we possess?

Value! While you have.

Life is Beautiful

External appearance Matters!

We are all human. No matter how hard we try to accept all skin colors -black, white, brown(let’s keep the rashes for another discussion😋) after all, are just skin colors. What is more important is the person – internally. The external beauty could fail with time and age, but the beauty of the heart lives along.

Having said all this, now from a marriage prospective-

What if though I’m dark coloured, I marry a really fair lady and if I was lucky enough, all my “to be” children happen to be fair. Damn! My entire generation will turn white skinned. Though not explicitly mentioned you see… We are human and we always want the best for us. HahaX

Moving a little far from this concept..

My house has a garden with good amount of butterflies and rodents(snakes, rats, lizards etc)

Let’s just focus on the rodent- lizard. Currently the only one that’s mentally accepted. Since cockroaches are not encouraged we happen to kill them, the minute we notice one.

However with the lizard things are a little different. The minute we notice one we give way, making sure we don’t stamp it or move ahead/behind such that it doesn’t fall on us.

Then, there came a day when we netted all our windows and doors .. basically for the mosquitoes. But then that caused an access issue to a squirrel that was living on the upper parapet of the bathroom(which we weren’t aware of… Obviously! Until it tore up multiple holes to the newly meshed place.)

The meshes only lasted for 2 -3 weeks before this tampering. During that time my mom had decided to literally thrown out the lizard’s and make them homeless😂😂 But the squirrel messed up her plans.

The lizard’s moved back into their territory – peaceful coexistence. But the other day we saw a lizard – crawling over the floor – with no tail – with dark brown patches over a slightly lighter brown skin – yes – it was yuck!

That very second I saw my mom chasing it with a broom, but the little creature had it’s escape plan in place and perfectly executed. The ordeal wasn’t over, the same night my Dad happened to notice this same creepy looking lizard and started hunting with the exact same weapon – broom. This time too it managed to escape. And just when my Dad accepted defeat and turned around – there was yet another good looking lizard mild brown or perhaps pale yellow with no patches and an intact tail. In a place where we could throw it out- with no escape plan.

But… Then…

Dad: “We can afford to have this one. It doesn’t look that bad.”

Conclusion: We are human and nothing more.😋😂

Life is Beautiful

TV shows… Nah!

Somewhere in between of thinking that the writer that Carrie Bradshaw is in the soap and getting an instant connection.. Yeah you can laugh at that off.. nowhere close to a writer.

To judging Samantha to be crazy lady on the hunt, but ending up fanning her for the no nonsense attitude she perfectly carries off! She’s one hell of a women.

Miranda – the working women syndrome.. The feircly independent. Has a perfectly normal head up there.

Charlotte – I don’t know! she looks the prettiest, the girly types.

I’m surprised at… How could I slowly move away from Carrie and begin to adore Samantha. Definitely, still not approving of her relationship values. But as a friend she is fabulous.

Yeah, if you’ll are people watching our have watched the show, these are character’s from the TV show – Sex an the City.

I’m someone who totally disapproves of anyone watching a TV show, just because it’s too much of daily commitment.

However, this one has me interested.

Over the course of may be 2 month’s, just over weekends and since there are no advertisements and no overreaction like the reality shows or the show proceedings with a million advertisements, the show is sort of in the agenda.

Totally agree😇 not in the Indian household, cause we are nowhere close and I mostly approve of the India mentality. With all due respect.

I’m also reminded how I banned TV serials at home for mom and still consider that safe. Hahaha!

I like the Sheldon Cooper – The Big bang theory. Strangely, not very much.. but agreeable.

Not a fan of Friends. (Not friend with Friend’s)

Just writing this, cause I should remember before I reach the “No TV show” zone, I must make the watching worthwhile.

That reminds me of- Pokemon, all the 90s cartoon shows, paarijatham(Malayalam serial). Somewhere, as I write this article, I’ve realised, no matter how much I deny. I’ve watched TV shows.

But I know, it has to end too..

Life is Beautiful

Setting you free..

I thought for some time, for some really long time..

You are my sunshine and my happiness drug..

You wrapped around me, when I was down

You sang along when I sung

You cured me, and made me smile..

I remember all that I told you on convocation day..

You showed me, that my fear was far from true..

Even now, I know you are a call away.. a honest apology away..

But then, it’s been long I’ve thought to get a hold of myself.

I know I’d fall back on you with my worries..

I’d crawl back on you with my troubles

For once, I had to think what’s best for you

I had to allow you to fly, you are made for the skies..

I still love the emerald sea

I thought what could be a gift..

My voice over the call or not even a swift of my wind

Of those I chose to set you free, so that you can fly

As high and Happy can be..

I’m happy that I had you.. That’s something I can’t convey by words.

But I definitely want you to prosper in all ways possible.

Promising you a life full of thankfulness.