Father’s Day – Gift😂

My Dad has been working from the last 36 years, with 15 years of meritorious service for the Indian Navy. He was the radar operator in INS Rajput(Destroyer). INSRajput

He didn’t have a LinkedIn account. I felt it would be amazing to record his tenure, with the Indian Navy and more than a dozen private organisations.

As I recorded each organisation, I realised he has worked up the ladder from very junior positions..  really worked hard to get to where he is today. In the midst of all this, he made a considerably huge amount of time for me. He invested a lot of time and patience on me.

I just randomly made his profile for the fun of making one. Now the thought of presenting it to him..

I wished him, “Happy Father’s day.” And told him, this was his Father’s day gift from me… Not really, it was actually my love and respect. But, he being the military man and an enthusiast of News 9 called out to me, “Come watch Huccha Venkat’s drama on TV, you are always on your laptop, come here.. I’ve got mangoes for you, cut one.”

My Mom hears all the commotion. She cuts the mango.. we all begin to eat.. One happy family, watching – Huccha Venkat’s drama.

My Mom looks at me with a sparkle in her eye.. She tells me, “I want a Facebook account for Mother’s Day.”


I love my parent’s. 😘


The flower gives joy to the beholder..
The flower has fragrance, which becomes perfume..

The flower has nectar, which becomes honey..

The flower has pollen, that migrates to create legacy..

The flower has honey bees attracted to it..

The flower has so much to handle..

The flower is busy, nurturing It’s petals..

The flower is anxiously sucking in water, water from the earth..

The flower is loved and looked upon for a variety of dreams..

From quaters so unknown!

But the flower withers..

Destroying the beholders trance..

Destorying the honey bees chimera..

Breaking free from water, the nourishers adulation..

What remains of the flower..? 

The flowers identity, for it’s foundly cherished  in epoch!? I know not..

Life is Beautiful..


The timelines are different..

The destination, I don’t know

The thoughts, I can’t decode

The bonds, I can’t define

The confusion, I can’t resolve

The patience, I couldn’t return

The words, I might not be able to speak..

The outcome, I can’t think of..

The courage, I don’t know

The future, I can’t picturise

The fitment, I don’t know

My strength, I can’t measure

My limitations, my desires…

My imaginary world, 

I don’t know how practical it is..

Life is full of uncertainties..

Life is Beautiful!

Have Faith🌌

We were born knowing only to crawl..

We built wings that were strong and ready to take flight.. 

We looked at a mirage and ran towards it..

We chopped our wings, and chose to walk..

Walking towards a pseudo-mirage, our legs felt tired..

So again, we began to crawl..

We know we have done it once, so we can try again..

And may be a 100 more times!

If in this journey you fall short of patience, energy or faith anytime..

Just hold on!

Nothing is forever…

If it’s meant to be, it will be…

Life is Beautiful

You are STRONG. Is that ALL?

I’ve always been of the opinion being strong is a great way of living one’s life. 

When you are Strong:

Your intentions for everyone is good and pure. 

You tend to motivate people around you. 

You have very high standards and degree of respect for all. 

You are happy to be there and help everyone. You are nice to all.

You were a happy and bold kid. You like transparency and fairness.

You are self motivated and enthusiastic.

But on the flip side:

You force yourself to smile, even when you have a bad day. Cause you are Strong.

You don’t share what you are going through, because your life seems perfect from the top.

You don’t tend to faint at what life throws at you, because you are Strong.

You don’t cry or scream your mind out, because it’s just a phase and you are a lot practical. For you know, You are STRONG…

You are sick, but then you stand equal without one word to anyone about your aches and pains. Cause you are Strong..

You keep fighting to complete your duties, while struggling to satisfy the perfectionist in you, the critic in you..

You are getting drained, of all the multi-tasking you are doing with a charming grace. But then, You are Strong..

People take a dig at you and your life, and your dignity bans you from speaking your mind out. You are a team player. And, you are Strong!

They look at you finishing things on time and decide you have someone to help you all the time. Well that someone is never there. And you fail to ask for help because you are Strong… And you fail to recieve help because you are Strong…

You cannot be unhappy or depressed, because, you are Strong..

You will not be pampered, and so do you believe, you need no pampering. Because, you are Strong..

When you see someone a little off.. you try to lift their spirits up. While you are actually in a more hopeless position. Because, you are Strong..

You will not be helped. You will not be genuinely asked, If you are alright?. You being cruelly harsh on yourself will not be visible. You pushing yourself every day will not be appreciated. Your presence is obvious, because you are committed. 

All can see, you are perfect! Because, You are Strong.

Strangely, only you know you are really Strong at holding all the pieces and all your thoughts together. 

You are STRONG. Is that ALL???

Life is Beautiful

Feirce Loyalty of Frìéndshíp

Friend’s are crazy, annoying, irritating, fun loving and have the same level of retardedness which is bearable to you… Well this is the general notion. 

But then I met Ramya S, when I was 22 years and probably after going through a lot of friendships that bloomed, blossomed and dried away. Like the song, Time of our lives by Tyrone Wells. But, Ramya came along with a different package. By then, I was in a “friend’s with all” zone. Because what I could give and offer as a friend was very difficult to accept. I couldn’t hang out much (lack of permissions from home), I wouldn’t be teasing you with your crush or anyone, I wouldn’t be getting you food stuffs to eat, I wouldn’t be able to join you on a trip and the list flows onn….

Well, in Ramya’s own words she never felt we could possibly be friend’s after our few initial days. After a couple of friend’s who didn’t stay long, who I felt would and many walked by the lanes with time. However there are a few who decided to stay anyway, a handful of them (Anusha and Deepthi). Time didn’t affect. 

With Ramya the difference however is that she was with me at my best. I had missed quite a few classes in my first year MBA and final exams especially finance paper was a nightmare for me, for all the exams, Ramya would wait for me though I would always be 10 minute’s late. She would then tell me my class room, put me in that class, wish me all the best. 

After a point I had to ask her to stop! Cause I’m sure I would never be able to do this. And I would definitely go ahead and write my exam and not keep waiting for a friend who would come late every single exam. 

Strangely, academic subjects were never a topic of discussion between us. But this was what the world felt we were knit together for! Studies😂 but it wasn’t. 

Then when I hit my worst phase till now in my life. Maybe there is more harder things to come.. but until then. Every one became a little distant. I distanced them, I didn’t want my struggle to be seen. Though it was quite evident. Strangely, during this time I had a few new good friends who hadn’t known the extremely happy me😂 They chugged along, thinking she is a girl with shades of black 😀 Cause who knew me before, couldn’t actually comprehend, how could someone be this different. It was not me, but a hard phase. Yet the new people have been solace. 

This was also the time I felt, like everyone, Ramya would not be able to take my madness for too long either. We were talking lesser, than before. Our common jokes had turned into a disaster. We spent some time in silence. But she always kept around me. Because she knew I had gone blind. My temperament was all along the place. More higher at her. I felt she would leave me. But, she never did.. She silently stayed beside me. I would still never give her the best friend title, for she was more than that. In just 1.5 years she had seen all my colours and yet decided to stay. She isn’t very expressive of her feelings. She has bad days too. But I would never know. There is this is amazing strength that she holds within her. A child like innocence, love and light. 

She was my diary for almost all the time that I knew her. I couldn’t return as much as I received from her. I think this was my first friendship where I feel I’m way too indebted. 

She healed me in such a fashion, that’s though the scar’s are there, I’ve rediscovered myself. 

Thank you Ramya…

Ramya S 01FM15MBA154

Sheril V J 01FM15MBA174

Batch of 2015-17.

You are an Angel and a blessing God gave me…

All the Best. You will be engraved in my memories. 

(Note: Remember the guidelines I have given you in writing for your birthday. Cause I’m not as feirce loyal as you..)

He was a beautiful soul. It took me 8 years to know.

How often do we not see the real person. There are struggles everyone is going through. Few which are visible to us, a lot hidden within and a few that get revealed though the person involved doesn’t know it.

I’m a Christian and going to Church on Sunday’s, attending Catechism(spiritual classes every Christian child has to attend-a Sunday School). After the Sunday mass(prayer) all the children upto class 10 were supposed to attend the Catechism classes. The catechism teachers would be priest’s, nun’s and also lay people(common member’s of the Church). When I was in Class 9, we were introduced to Mr. Jacob. He was our Catechism teacher for the year. He was a man in his early 70’s but was full of life and energy to preach the word of God. As a catechism teacher he used to check if all of us have attended the Sunday morning mass, cause a few of us would slip straight into class due to difficulty in waking up early on a Sunday morning. But the ironical part was I used to find him always being late for the Sunday morning mass. He used to make it mid way into the prayer. The curious person in me ( the sarcastic one too) one day decided to question as to what kept him from reaching church on time. His reply was, ” He had theology classes(the classes which a person attends before becoming a priest) in malleshwaram about 12kms from the Church. He was almost 70 and what was he learning at this age? This was what exactly that ran into my head. Well I decided, he must be a spinster and now having almost nothing to kill time, he has this craze to learn theology. But he was a very vibrant person, singing songs and teaching each of us to make a prayer before we begun classes. But, one bad part was, while all the other class students could leave after the final prayer at 10am, our class 9 students had to assemble all over again and make a prayer together from Psalms 92. It’s like the school final bell ringing and we are made to wait after that too. Here I thought, “He is old. He has all the time in the world.” However, he was a very good teacher and had excellent command over English. One such day he just casually mentioned he was a lawyer.(no wonder he had such command over English).

Finally, we completed class 9. I personally was happy we would now have a new teacher this year, who would allow us leave the Catechism classes along with the other Sunday school children. However, it turned out that he was now going to teach class 10 students this year, as the previous teacher had taken a break from teaching. So the pattern of after bell prayers continued. We also have mid term and final exams for the catechism classes. A week before our mid term Sunday class 10 exams, Mr. Jacob( I used to call him Jacob uncle) called me over the phone and asked me to prepare the question paper(However, now the paper comes from the Archdiocese, but not back then). I was not sure of what was he even trying to tell me. He told me, ” Make a general paper. My wife isn’t keeping well. And this stays between us. But make it a general paper so that everyone has a fair chance as you do, to answer the paper.” This was the first time in the 1.5years I realized he was married and had a wife. But I had never seen her in Church, I always thought he was a spinster. Yes, I made the paper and everything went well.

Then many Sunday’s later he told us, we are supposed to visit people who weren’t keeping well and not being able to come to Church from our parish(members of the church). So we were all being taken to his house, since his wife was sick. We reached his house. There was nobody to open the door. The maid servant was supposed to be there almost by 7am but it was 9am and there was no trace of her. He opened the main door with the key he had and we all 15 odd students made it into his living room. Jacob Uncle went into the room where his wife was and we could hear her angrily telling, ” I need to go to the rest room, the maid isn’t here… there is nobody to make tea. You too(referring to Jacob Uncle) have no concern about me. And you have got a dozen of children home.”

Now, I really didn’t like what I was hearing. We were guests, and it just didn’t seem nice to be welcomed with those words. Soon he made tea for all of us. Helped his wife to the rest room. We hadn’t seen her still. Once we finished with our biscuits and tea. He welcomed us into the bedroom where his wife was…. She was paralyzed, she could not move one half of her body, the left hand and leg were paralyzed. My heart just stopped. My eyes teared up… I always thought he was a carefree man. It was 3 years since his wife was bedridden. But we could never see this… He said his wife was like a baby and he loved taking care of her. We spent some time and spoke to his wife. All the other students were in shock probably just like me. There was a vacuum, a silence. His wife spoke, breaking the silence, ” You all have come and I can’t do anything for you’ll. This man gets people home and I can’t do anything for them. I’m alive for no good. I do not know why God is keeping me thus. I have no children, nothing.” Then there was silence again. We told her she would get better. Then, there was a silence again. We made a prayer and left the home.

On our way back, I couldn’t but ask Jacob Uncle about his children. He said, “Oh my children are abroad and it’s difficult for them to come down every now and then. That’s okay, I can manage. But my wife misses them a lot. Now, when I saw him each Sunday he still had the same enthu and energy that youngster’s also lack. Soon I completed my Class 10. And then I used to see him in Church, for another 3-4 years, that was till 2013. He lost his wife somewhere in 2011.  After that he was not seen much. I inquired with a few people, no one had a picture of where he was. Then I too fixed it in my mind, may be his children took him abroad, since he was a loner now.

To this day, I remember how my perception changed about him all the while. But it was not all. Recently, a priest had come to bless my home. We were talking about children taking away the property of the old parent’s and not taking care of them. And suddenly this priest told, ” Do you remember Mr. Jacob. He used to teach catechism.” I said,” Yes, where is he?” I finally found someone who knew where he was…

The priest continued, “Mr Jacob has a similar fate. He had adopted two girls. He kept them in his house, educated them, married them off. Now the property he was living was say around 90lakhs(not the exact figure). The children were only keen on this, and nobody was willing to take care of him. He decided to divide the property into 3 parts. 2 parts for his two adopted daughters and one for himself. Then one of the daughter’s wanted 10 lakhs more to buy some property that she wanted and so did the other. Unable to decide, he took some time off. Spoke to a few people. And yes, he was a lawyer. Finally, I (priest) suggested, you have already done enough for them. Now, divide it like, 50+20+20, where 50 lakhs is your (Mr. Jacob) share. And who soever takes care of you would get the remaining after his medical expenses and other needs, whatever remains. Now, one of his daughter take’s care of him.”

In between of all this I realized, Jacob Uncle’s children were always in India and never abroad. He told this to may be keep his wife happy. He never thought taking care of his wife as a burden. He loved her so very dearly. He took care of her until the end. He was the real example of the wedding oath – ” In sickness and in health…..”

And then there is me, in my early twenties trying to figure out the meaning of life. I felt it was an endless drama. I didn’t quite find any meaning actually. I’m not satisfied with anything that is happening in and around my life. I don’t feel energetic or happy. I just felt there were hurdles after hurdles and there is nothing pleasant.

But knowing Jacob Uncle’s full story made me realize. I wasn’t close to 1% of what life served him. Yet, I was more regretful than him. He is a beautiful soul. It took me 8 years to completely know his journey.

Life is Beautiful.