GoodBye – Healer

For you shall walk away.. 

And I shall never call you back.

For you have a piece of my life..

I do not want it back.

You’ve given me a share of your thoughts..

I will treasure them.

You have to take this path..

And I’ll wish you well, though in pain.

You will never know..

How hard all this was…

You will never hear from me..

For that is.. I know not why..

You would be missed..

For it’s better that way.

From the deepest ends of gratitude, Thank you, for all of You!

“You got to talk to the one who made you, talk to the one who understands, talk to the one who gave you, All the light in your eyes..”      ~Sheryl Crow

Life is Beautiful.


The dictionary meaning of the word,

“Expectation” is: A strong belief that something will happen or be the case.

From a very early age we are introduced to expectations, in fact even before we are born! The phrase being: ‘An expecting mother.’ Even before you are born, your parents were expecting you. The story till here is fantastic!

Then the spiral of expectations slowly start pacing in your life…

Parents expect their kids to learn to crawl soon, hear soon, walk soon, talk soon, join school earlier by a few years, just in case… HahaX. The current trend being school, tuitions, special classes, classical music, western dance, karate, swimming, guitar, calligraphy classes, football coaching and every other possible or impossible thing. They are not your children, they are your Basket of expectations

My mother was the computer teacher in the school which I studied. I like any other kid forgot to do the home work one day, the teacher said, ” I didn’t expect this from you.” Meaning, it was fine if the other kids forgot, but my memory loss would bring shame to my mother as well. I was expected to be extra cautious. This is Unfair expectations.

My Dad would always quote, ” I’m pinning my hope on you.” Being a self motivated kid, this phrase put me under a lot of stress. Now there was a difference, in the expectations from my parents and grandmother. Say, if I’m back after an exam, and tell my paper didn’t go well. Immediately, Grandmother: “Will you pass?” My mother: ” Did others find the paper hard as well?” My Dad: ” Which position would you stand in class?” Varied intensities/levels of expectations. This is Scales of expectation. 

The level of expectations for grade 10 and grade 12 need not even be emphasized, it’s as dreaded as the dooms day was approaching. Then expectations of a rank, expectations of placement, expectation of the perfect career/life, expectation of onsite, expectation of marriage, expectation of a kid and the Loop of expectations continues…

So though expectation is a motivational factor, you don’t like the world dictating standards to your life.. Do you?

Definitely, none of us would like that, but unfortunately the sad truth is that we are unknowingly stuck in the whirl of expectations.

Now, these were all instances where the world put a lot of burden of expectation on us.

Do we have expectations from others? 

Damn! Yes, I do. I expect my mom to cook every single day. I expect the clouds to warn me before it rains. I expect karma to have a fast and good return policy. I expect the society to respect me, my thoughts, my family, my choices, my food, my pet, my choice of clothes and my life on the whole. Now pause and think!

Was it the society expecting from you or you expecting acceptance from the society?

The answer could be both. But I would still slightly lean onto the concept of the expectations being internal. We have fixed certain things in our mind of a perfect life, from which stems the cause of a dissatisfaction and lack of self worth. The conflict here is Internal Expectation.


I expect my colleague to speak to me a certain way.

I expect educated and well dressed men not to harass women.

I expect my child to secure the first rank in class, because I’ve given him a lot of input.

This is a non-exhaustive list. We suffer from something also called, Picture Perfect LifeI’m writing this article, because I was on the victim side just as you are..

I realized, I suffered when people put expectations on me, and I also suffered when I put expectations on others. Because, I felt burdened with expectations and I felt others didn’t live up to my expectations, I suffered either way. 

So are having expectations bad?

No, but just check in that you are not too pinned down by the idea of painting a picture perfect life where all expectations set are met. Rather than an expectation I would suggest you have a mission and a vision.

Mission: describes what you want to do now.

Vision: outlines what you want to be in the future – end goal.

Set yourself free from the shackles of your own expectations.

Thanks to a friend who inspired this thought process.

Life is Beautiful!

Father’s Day – Gift😂

My Dad has been working from the last 36 years, with 15 years of meritorious service for the Indian Navy. He was the radar operator in INS Rajput(Destroyer). INSRajput

He didn’t have a LinkedIn account. I felt it would be amazing to record his tenure, with the Indian Navy and more than a dozen private organisations.

As I recorded each organisation, I realised he has worked up the ladder from very junior positions..  really worked hard to get to where he is today. In the midst of all this, he made a considerably huge amount of time for me. He invested a lot of time and patience on me.

I just randomly made his profile for the fun of making one. Now the thought of presenting it to him..

I wished him, “Happy Father’s day.” And told him, this was his Father’s day gift from me… Not really, it was actually my love and respect. But, he being the military man and an enthusiast of News 9 called out to me, “Come watch Huccha Venkat’s drama on TV, you are always on your laptop, come here.. I’ve got mangoes for you, cut one.”

My Mom hears all the commotion. She cuts the mango.. we all begin to eat.. One happy family, watching – Huccha Venkat’s drama.

My Mom looks at me with a sparkle in her eye.. She tells me, “I want a Facebook account for Mother’s Day.”


I love my parent’s. 😘

Shades of grey..

Shades of grey..

Blanks and vaccum, fill some parts of your mind and soul.

For such is the impact of another soul.

You tightly shut your heart from now, else vaccum would fill the entire you…

The question being, what went wrong..When everything was perfect in your song..

Dear mind,

You are thinking to a point of physical exhaustion apart from the mental agony..  So stop!

From the silence of my mind came a voice, “Destroy yourself, before you re-create.”

Only time will speak..

When it’s over, with all your dignity.. pick up the pieces and leave..

That ego is called, Self respect.

Life is beautiful


The flower gives joy to the beholder..
The flower has fragrance, which becomes perfume..

The flower has nectar, which becomes honey..

The flower has pollen, that migrates to create legacy..

The flower has honey bees attracted to it..

The flower has so much to handle..

The flower is busy, nurturing It’s petals..

The flower is anxiously sucking in water, water from the earth..

The flower is loved and looked upon for a variety of dreams..

From quaters so unknown!

But the flower withers..

Destroying the beholders trance..

Destorying the honey bees chimera..

Breaking free from water, the nourishers adulation..

What remains of the flower..? 

The flowers identity, for it’s foundly cherished  in epoch!? I know not..

Life is Beautiful..


The timelines are different..

The destination, I don’t know

The thoughts, I can’t decode

The bonds, I can’t define

The confusion, I can’t resolve

The patience, I couldn’t return

The words, I might not be able to speak..

The outcome, I can’t think of..

The courage, I don’t know

The future, I can’t picturise

The fitment, I don’t know

My strength, I can’t measure

My limitations, my desires…

My imaginary world, 

I don’t know how practical it is..

Life is full of uncertainties..

Life is Beautiful!

Have Faith🌌

We were born knowing only to crawl..

We built wings that were strong and ready to take flight.. 

We looked at a mirage and ran towards it..

We chopped our wings, and chose to walk..

Walking towards a pseudo-mirage, our legs felt tired..

So again, we began to crawl..

We know we have done it once, so we can try again..

And may be a 100 more times!

If in this journey you fall short of patience, energy or faith anytime..

Just hold on!

Nothing is forever…

If it’s meant to be, it will be…

Life is Beautiful