Color? Black is True…

She was born a fish

Blue was the color of her world

She earned each of the toys she played with

She learnt to play alone, she learnt to grow alone

She was bullied in primary school, she was a extreme introvert

Middle school was when life’s schedule and discipline snatched away her playtime

Here she was learning to be a new person

High school saw her high spirits, energy and confidence

She was a song with boldness..

Pre graduation were the time’s the rat race caught on her life

She believed she could work through this as well

Her grades were colorful, though her heart was damaged

She chugged along, spreading her warmth, because she knew exactly how it was to not receive

She shined as a dew drop on a bright morn

Life was taking a big turn, which she always believed was towards a brighter one..

Little did she know it was heading into a dark tunnel only to hit a road block..

Her struggle over the year’s were beginning to take a toll on her health

She worked through the harsh world, spreading her light and smile

She loved the world with a grace that words can’t express

Her words healed a few and lifted some out of their miseries

In the process of continuous giving, she was falling sick, losing her energy, her smile, her life

Until she had nothing more to give…

Blank stood she, in front of the Universe

Asking the God, if one such supreme power above ever existed..

To draw her to either sides, a brighter one or the darker grave

She stands still,

Asking the Universe, “Show me my path.”

~From the depth of her inconsolable soul..

For now, her color was Black…



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